• security1

    Public safety

    Increase funding for improving police training on culturally appropriate crisis intervention and hate crimes.
    Increase funding for community policing and crime prevention measures.
    Increase funding to review and develop and training of police use of force policies.
    Build a strong pipeline to have a diverse police force.

  • education1


    Increase funding for day care services.
    Fully address the mental health, academic and social impacts of the pandemic, especially in Title 1 schools.
    Lower the cost of public colleges and universities.
    Partner with private sector to provide more career technical education.
    Build a strong pipeline for day care providers and TK to 12 grade teachers

  • crime1

    Hate Crime

    Re-establish the Assembly Hate Crime Select Committee I started in2016 to fully address the increasing hate crimes in our communities.

  • health1

    Health/Mental Health

    Continue to fight for school based mental health services to have mental health consulting services in all public schools.
    Increase mental health coverage in health insurances.
    Build a strong pipeline for health/mental health professionals

  • environment1


    Support clean energy investments,
    Increase water conservation and storage measures.
    Better forest management and other fire prevention measures.
    Provide more firefighting tools for fire fighters who have to tackle century fires on an annual basis.

  • transportation1


    Fight for more SB1.5 dollars to our region for better roads and bridges.
    Use the RM3 funding that I have advocated and allocated in the Assembly, as a start, to connect Interstate 880 and 680 at Mission Blvd.
    Use the RM3 funding that I have advocated and allocated in the Assembly and other funding sources to bring light rails to Eastridge transit hub as promised to the voters in the 70’s.

  • growth1

    Economic recovery

    Support small businesses, especially in the service sector, minority owned small businesses to increase new job opportunities.
    Partner with private sector to provide more career technical training for the new economic.
    Expand support local businesses programs
    Aggressively promote tourism
    I’ll continue the fight to reduce income inequality, and expand affordable housing and job opportunities for all Californians.”

  • homelesness1


    Establish Equitable funding formula for homeless families with students.
    Wrap around services for chronical homeless population.
    Utilize smart growth policies to Increase housing inventory

  • daylight1

    Daylight Saving Time

    Voters have overwhelmingly supported the Prop.7 I initiated in 2018 to do away the 70 year old practice of switching clocks twice a year in California. I will make sure that the legislators take an action on this health related issue.

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