Elected Officials

Jim Davis

Sunnyvale Councilmember (Fmr)

Pat Kite

Director, Union Sanitary District

Cynthia Chang

Board of Trustee, Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District

Armando Gomez

Milpitas Councilmember (Fmr)

Sylvia Arenas

San José City Council member

Arun Goel

Dublin San Ramon Services District Water, Wastewater, Recycled Water

Dr. Sherry Wu

Dublin City

Dave Smith

Newark Mayor Emeritus

Rishi Kumar

Saratoga Councilmember

Kris Wang

Cupertino Mayor (Fmr)

Hung Wei

Cupertino Councilmember

Liang Chao

Vice Mayor, Cupertino Councilmember

Michael Hannon

Newark Vice Mayor

Maria ‘Sucy’ Collazo

Newark Councilmember

Luis Freitas

Newark Councilmember

Alan Nagy

Newark Mayor

Bill Harrison

Fremont Mayor (Fmr)

Teresa Cox

Fremont Councilmember

Rick Jones

Fremont Councilmember

Raj Salwan

Fremont Vice Mayor

DR. Yang Shao

Fremont Councilmember

Kevin Park

Santa Clara City Councilmember

Teresa O’Neill

Santa Clara City Councilmember (Fmr)

Debi Davis

Santa Clara City Councilmember (Fmr)

Kathy Watanabe

Santa Clara City Councilmember

Lisa Gillmor

Santa Clara City Mayor

Evelyn Chua

Milpitas Councilmember

Carmen Montano

Milpitas Vice Mayor

Jose Esteves

Milpitas Mayor (Fmr)

Rich Tran

Milpitas Mayor

Xavier Campos

San Jose City Councilmember (Fmr)

Magdalena Carrasco

San Jose City Councilmember

Jennifer Toy

Union Sanitary District Board of Director

Aziz Akbari

President, Alameda County Water District Board of Director

Nai Hsueh

Santa Clara Valley Water District Board of Director

Dr. Kalvin Gill

Vice Chair, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

Cindy Chavez

Santa Clara County Supervisor

Nora Campos

State Assembly(Fmr), San Jose City Council(Fmr)

Kevin De Leon

L.A. City Councilmember, State Senate Pro Tem (Fmr)

Tom Torlakson

CA State Superintendent of Public Instruction(Fmr)

Jack Ding

Mayor, City of Sonoma

Education Officials

Patti Andrade

Board of Trustee, Evergreen Elementary School Board

Ray J. Rodriguez

Former Newark School Board Member

Will Ector

Berryessa Unified School District Superintendent Emeritus

Bryan Do

Eastside Union High School Board member

Betty Martinez

Trustee, Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District

Tuyen Fiack

Member, Gilroy Unified School District

Omar Torres

Trustee, San Jose/Evergreen Community College Board

Dolores Marquez

Member, Alum Rock School Union School Board

Frank Jewett

Trustee, West Valley/Mission College Board (Fmr)

Maria Fuentes

Trustee, San Jose, Evergreen Community College Board

Karen Martinez

Trustee, San Jose, Evergreen Community College Board

Kelly Yip Chuan

Board President, Milpitas Unified School District

Hon Lien

Clerk, Milpitas Unified School District

Albert Gonzalez

Trustee, Santa Clara Unified School District

Jim Canova

Trustee, Santa Clara Unified School District

Nancy Thomas

Trustee, Newark Unified School District (Fmr)

Phuong Nguyen

Clerk, Newark Unified School District

Bowen Zhang

Board President, Newark Unified School District

Yajing Zhang

Clerk, Fremont Unified School District

Vivek Prasad

VP, Fremont Unified School District

Desrie Campbell

Trustee, Fremont Unified School District

Francine Davis

Trustee, Berryessa Union School District (Fmr)

John Coyle

Trustee, Berryessa Union School District (Fmr)

Linda Chen

Trustee, Berryessa Union School District (Fmr)

Richard Claspill

Trustee, Berryessa Union School District (Fmr)

Jai Srinivasan

Trustee, Berryessa Union School District

Khoa Nguyen

Clerk, Berryessa Union School District

Hugo Jimenez

Vice President, Berryessa Union School District

Thelma Boac

Board President, Berryessa Union School District

Betty Martinez

Trustee, Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District

Appointed Leaders

Kevin Lee

Milpitas Science, Technology and Innovation Commissioner

Dipak Awasthi

Milpitas Planning Commissioner

Kimberly Petersen

Fremont Police Chief ( Retired), Fremont Police Department

Dr. James Yu

CA Dental Boardmember

Ann Ravel

Commissioner, The Federal Election Commission

Jenny Ha Phan

Vice Chair, Milpitas Library & Education Commission

Charles Liu

Fremont Planning Commissioner

Shudong Li

CA. Acupuncture Boardmember

Elpidio Estoko

Milpitas Library and Education Advisory Commission

TJ Dhami

Fremont Human Relation Commissioner

Larry Ciardelle

Vice Chair, Milpitas Planning Commissioner & Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Department

Bill Chuan

Milpitas Planning Commissioner

Raj Bhanot

San Jose City Small Business Development Commissioner

Thelma Batilo

Milpitas Community Advisory Commission

Mercedes Albana

Milpitas Planning Commissioner

John Leyba

San Jose City Planning Commissioner (Fmr)

Rolando Bonilla

Chair, San Jose City Planning Commissioner

Community Leaders

Yu-Song Liao

Sports Industry, Ping Pong Community

Ben He

President, American Entrepreneur Association

Maria Arnold

League of Woman Voters (title for reference only)

Jack and Melissa Hillard

B J Strickland

Food industry management

Louansee Moua

Esau Ruiz Herrera

San Jose, California Attorney

Amy Le

President, SCC Correctional Officers Association (Fmr)

Pete BEohana

CEO, Aloha Man

Equal Rights for All

Equal Rights for All



Fernando Zazueta

You-Wen Yi

Maria Hernandez

Robyn Schlice

Juvenile Specialist

Limin Hu

President, Friends of Children with Special Needs

Anna Wang

Founder, Friends of Children with Special Needs

Fred Barez

Professor & Dean, SJSU

Mike Vaidya

Jorge Licea

Athar Siddiqee

Cheryl Sudduth

Rajesh Verma

Founding member, Festival of the Globe

Murphy Tsan

The Peace Church (title for reference only)

VanLan Truong

Milpitas Community Advisory Committee Commissioner

Bao Trieu

Board President of VIVO (title for reference only)

Rev. Charles K. Tran

The Peace Church (title for reference only)

Arthur Tom

Chinese American Chamber of Commerce

Elvie Teodoro

Senior Care

Samina Sundas

American Muslim Voice Foundation

Jennifer Sivilla-Jones

Victor San Vicente

Shan Saigal

Berryessa Real Estate

Dr. Ramesh Konda

Indian American Community

Linda Reyes

Nursing Industry & Filam Chamber

Syed Rizwan Ashraf

Muslim Community

Adnan Rasheed

Jayaram Komati

owner of Swagat Indian Cusine

Tony Qin

Don Orozco

FilAm Chamber

Mahesh Nihalani

Truman Nhu

Real Estate

Diem Ngo

Former Executive Director of VIVO (title for reference only)

Fariba Nejat

Syed Mohsin

David Mineta

Momentum for Mental Health(title for reference only)

Salim Mastan

Atun Mahmut

John Ly

The Peace Church (title for reference only)

Linda Locke

President, Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council

Anh Le

President of PHHS Parents Booster Club

Muneerah Lalani

Naz Khan

Dr. Romesh Japra

Founder, Festival of the Globe

Dr. Chenming Hu

Professor, Honoree of National Medal of Technology & Innovation (title for reference only)

Joel Herrera

Superintendent, Orchard School District (Fmr)

Joe Hermann

President, Berryessa Teachers Association

Quan He

Robert Hassan

Ola’s Coffee and Tea

Dan Gordon

Gordon and Biersch Brewing Company

Nathan Ganeshan

Fabio Gonzalez

Anil Godhwani


Inder Dosanjh

Automobile Industry

Tito Cortez

Veterans Supportive Services Agency

Darrell Cortez

Shop with a Cop

Anne Claspill

Retired Teacher, Berryessa School District

Frank Cancilla

President-BBA (title for reference only)

Cora Camalitas

Marlou Bitcon

Treasurer Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council

Nelly Cabuslay

Milpitas Executive Loins Club

MariCris Benitez

Milpitas Executive Loins Club

Barinder S. Ahluwalia

Ernie Arranaga


Patti Andrade

Ashok Aggarwal

High Tech

Dr. Tony Abiog


Winston Ashby

Founder, PARTI Program

Ajay Bhutoria

Silicon Valley Chinese Association (SVCA)

Silicon Valley Chinese Association (SVCA)


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